WizNET Setup for TOPCON using Pocket 3D V12.30

Revolutionize Your Surveying & Mapping with WizNET


  • From the main screen hit Setup
  • Select New


  • Name your new style. We suggest WizNET
  • Type will be Range pole, then Next


  • Choose your antenna type. Most likely a HiperVR but we support older hardware as well, then Next
  • Input a default antenna height. usually 2.0m and measure to base then Next


  • Hit next. Select Direct Network Connection, then Next
  • Under the Set tab input the IP address and port


  • Input the IP/PORT, then Ok.       


  • Under the NET tab.
  • Input the username and password from your welcome email
  • Hit Finish when on the last screen.


  • Connect to your receiver under Survey tab and Connect or by hitting the red box in the lower left.
  • Select it from the list or hit Refresh to scan for Bluetooth signal


  • Your receiver will connect.
  • Next hit Setup then Radios.


  • Hit NET again.  
  • Hit the WRENCH Button to request available mountpoints.


  • Select Ok when prompted.

  • From the dropdown list choose either RTCM32-MSM for a VRS (Virtual Reference Station) solution or [RTCM-3X-MSM] for a single baseline solution (Nearest physical base station). **Some older receivers should use RTCM-30(VRS) or [RTCM-30](Nearest) but only if the other 2 do not work.


  • Now you will be green for Fixed.
  • Hit the green Button to see what satellites are being tracked. If GLO is showing 0 hit the right arrow to the Advanced tab.


  • Then select Other from the list.               
  • You should now be tracking all signals.