Discover our Office-based Construction Survey Services

SITE WIZ reduces construction’s costly re-work, by identifying design flaws early in the process. ensuring your civil construction project’s efficiency. 

Drafting services

Layout drawings for reference of fieldwork (Cutsheets).

Volumetric Calculations

Monthly Earthworks volume calculations and reporting.

As-Built record drawings

Redline drawings showing completed works location and elevation.

3D modeling

Generating 3D models and linework for use in client-owned/operated Machine/Grade Control and GPS systems.

Drafting services

At Site Wiz Technical we offer a wide range of office-based drafting and design services to help our clients throughout the lifecycle of their civil construction projects. Utilizing industry-leading software and methods we provide high-quality deliverables and quick turnaround. See below for more details

Volumetric Calculations ​

Our team offers monthly reports that include progress calculations and earthwork volumes for billing purposes. These updates help keep you informed about the progress of your project and ensure that all billing is accurate and up to date.

As-Built record drawings

Our digital redline drawings accurately depict completed work, provide a clear and accurate representation of the status of your project, and identify any necessary changes or updates.

3D Modeling

Our team has the expertise to develop 3D models and linework for use in grade control and GPS Machine Control Systems optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of your project.