Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Site Wiz Surveys offer?

Site Wiz Surveys offers survey services specifically tailored for civil construction projects. Our services include providing construction layout for utilities and roadworks, data collection for as-built and progress reporting. As well as creating high-accuracy 3D survey data for use with our clients’ machine control and GNSS systems.

How can Site Wiz Surveys optimize efficiency on construction projects?

Site Wiz Surveys helps optimize efficiency by ensuring the accuracy of data on civil construction projects.
This accuracy leads to increased resource efficiency and helps minimize costly downtime.

Can Site Wiz Surveys handle projects of any size and location?

Yes, Site Wiz Surveys is equipped to handle projects of any size and location. Whether working directly in the project field or providing remote support for managing construction data, we can accommodate your specific project needs.

What sets Site Wiz Surveys apart from other construction surveyors?

Site Wiz Surveys stands out by offering a unique approach to survey services. We prioritize attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Our team utilizes the latest technology and equipment, enabling us to provide the most precise and comprehensive survey services possible.

How does Site Wiz Surveys ensure data quality and accuracy?

Site Wiz Surveys is obsessed with data quality. Our team works closely with every client to identify areas where our services can streamline projects, reduce costs, and increase productivity and efficiency. We leverage the latest equipment and software to deliver accurate and cost-effective survey data solutions.

What kind of survey data solutions does Site Wiz Surveys provide?

Site Wiz Surveys provides various survey data solutions, including 3D surface models for grade control and 3D survey data for layout. Our 3D modeling services use cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and detailed representations of your project, enabling operators to complete large earthworks projects with ease and precision.

Does Site Wiz Surveys provide remote support for managing construction data?

Yes, Site Wiz Surveys offers remote support for managing construction data. Whether you require on- site surveying or remote assistance with data management, our team can provide the necessary support to ensure the success of your project.

How does Site Wiz Surveys collaborate with clients?

At Site Wiz Surveys, we believe in establishing successful partnerships with clients. We have worked with a wide range of construction companies, including contractors, engineers, architects, and developers. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with industry leaders to deliver exceptional results.

How can I get started with Site Wiz Surveys for my construction project?

To get started with Site Wiz Surveys, you can reach out to us through the contact form on our website. Our team will be happy to discuss your specific project requirements and provide tailored survey solutions to meet your needs.

How long does a construction survey usually take?

The duration of a construction survey depends on various factors, including the complexity and size of the project. Simple surveys can take a few hours or days, while larger projects may require several weeks or even months to complete, considering data collection, analysis, and reporting.

How much does a construction survey cost?

The cost of a construction survey can vary depending on factors such as project size, location, complexity, and required deliverables. Please get in touch so we can provide accurate cost estimates based on the specific project requirements.

What measures are in place to ensure quality and the confidentiality of the survey data?

Brief description of Site Wiz’ data handling practices, encryption methods, and confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection and privacy of your project data.